Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 CAMERA TEST Comparison

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The full Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Apple iPhone XS / XS Max Camera Comparison. We look at Pixel 3 Wide Angle, Group Selfie, Slow Mo / Slow Motion, 4K Video, Photos, and more!

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  1. Pixel 3- Does anyone else have their screen flickering while using the camera apps(Camera/snapchat) for a few seconds. Issue is intermittent with mine. Should I get a replacement or is this a software issue?

  2. Since Android was launched I became a fan of Samsung phones cause of the cameras. But with the introduction of Google phones, I've bought the Pxl2 XL. Now its time 4 a renewal, but I am still convinced 4 the XL3. As soon as the company fixes their bug issues I will be purchasing it. Also guys the Google phones ARE giving unlimited Google storage space

  3. Well I downloaded Google Camera apk on my Note and now my camera is amazing but the video is better on my native Samsung app. I essentially have googleized My note and now have the best of both worlds. I encourage anyone not happy with the Samsung camera app to do the same. The hardware in the Note is amazing and does very very well with the Google apk camera. It looks every bit as good if not better than the Pixel for pictures.

  4. Can´t stand the washed out beauty mode on the iPhone front camera. There seems to be the same issue with the back camera when filming, for example 2:45, it looks all washed out. And it can´t handle lights in dark environments, I have always hated that on my own iCrap phones, always having light beams all over the pictures

  5. Looking to upgrade from my Nexus 6p to either the pixel 3 xl or the xs max, is the xs capable of color splash like the pixel 3 is at 6:10 ?

  6. Congratulations, excellent work, just a recommendation: clean the cameras of the phones before starting the shots, this is very important, do it and you will see the difference.

  7. The Samsung Note 9 has the better sound, but next the Pixel 3, last iPhone. Apple iPhones have always had poor sound quality and lower screen display quality. As for photo and video quality, none of the 3 did great in all kinds of situations. The Pixel 3 was better in some, the Note 9 better in others, and the iPhone better in others.
    None are better than the other overall for image quality, but for sound, I still give that to the Samsung Note 9. It's the winner.

  8. Nice comparison I thought one in particular had the tendency to underexposed I think they all have their good points it's just personally taste when will we see some photos from the mate 20 pro especially that wide angle lens many thanks Steve

  9. The difference is so small that camera should not be a deciding factor when you are buying one of these phones. All of them are great and if you don't put them side by side, you will be happy with any of them. That said, I think
    iPhone XS Max > Pixel 3 > Note 9
    But barely

  10. Pixel last, it's awful. Samsung second. iPhone won. Pixels camera gimmicks are rubbish. Top shot is useless on pixel because you can simply press he shutter button 3 or 4 times. No one moves or blinks too much during selfies anyway. So come back next time Google.

  11. Just like another Cam tests on various Youtube Channels, the result still remains. They all did the great jobs on taking picture and video. Overall, the final rank on Cam & Video Test is still:
    1. Note9
    2. Pixel 3 XL
    3. Xs Max
    I like how Note9 can handle best on many angles of day cam, zooming detail, low light, video clarity and stability, and its super Slo-Mo. But Note9 is too over-saturated on taking the day sky. Yet, just like on Pixel 2, I'm still amazed and more on Pixel 3 XL for its natural color cam and its best video stabilization.
    ~ from Samsung & Apple User. ?☺✌