Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max Battery Life DRAIN TEST

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Battery Life drain Test of the Google Pixel 3 XL, new 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Sony Xperia XZ3! This Battery Life Drain Test will show us which smartphone has the best battery life!

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  1. I’m tired of these Samsung fanboys. If apple lost by 1 percent they would have been laughing about how horrible their phone is, but when they win, it doesn’t matter anymore. They laugh apples smaller battery, but the fact that it beats the battery substantially larger than it is saying something. I may not be a fan of sheep, but these people are much worse.

  2. What firmware version was used for the test? My Xperia XZ3 has received an update to 52.0.A.3.27.
    After that the battery life has really improved. I've tested it with the Pc Mark battery benchmark and the new firmware gives more than 1 hour extended battery life compared with the previous firmware version.

  3. Everyone arguing about the fast charger. If your phone can last all day I’ll probably will bet you will plug in your phone at night. Don’t talk shit about the apple charger, although it sucks fast charging heats up your phone which in return damage your battery.

  4. @Mrwhostheboss ,,, that was awesome , sure there are other variables but all in all a very fair execution to give the average consumer a idea of what to expect from there new smart phone in terms of battery life.

    Thanks for the vid and you have a new sub!