Pixel 4 vs 11 Pro vs Note 10 – 🎥 Video Quality Comparison

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Which New Smartphone has the best camera for Video Recording Quality? Does the video King (iPhone 11 Pro) need to worry about the Pixel 4 or Note 10 Plus?
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The Pixel 4 was just released and there’s no doubt that it takes excellent photos, but what about video recording? First off, it lacks the ultrawide lens. Second, it seems like there are times when it’s actually not using the telephoto lens when it should.

The Note 10 Plus’ camera has been greatly refined since the one on the Galaxy S10, but then again, video quality is a different beast.

The iPhone 11 Pro has to this point, retained its crown as the video recording king, shooting video at the most impressive specs, with really great dynamic range (HDR).

Let’s see if it can hold its crown against these two Android flagships!

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  1. this video is more arranged than the dog that gave birth to you, I have tried them and I notice a lot of falsehood first of all the note 10 plus in video 4k30fps zoom x6 does not move that way is such that I just took that same mobile from the ones I have and I tried if it was true and this video is false, the reality? The 10+ note looks like it's rubbing in the air, like that? It's how its stabilization works, it looks very static to be honest, I even moved it a lot to try and it responded very well, I didn't see anything like the video I just saw here.🤦‍♂️

  2. Only took Apple what? Like 3 or 4 generations? Even then it's not a total wash, the Note is as good or even better in 80% of shooting situations and this is all while using a sensor that is basically the same as the Galaxy S7. When Samsung unleashes their new camera tech next year it will be a slaughter for both Google and Apple.

  3. Last year and recent years iPhone had Garbage video.
    Now they are as good as Samsung or better.
    Good! Now Samsung will have to up their game. Hey we're getting lazy.
    But I will still never buy an iPhone because iOS is Garbage.

  4. Please change the audio of the videos while you’re talking. When you change it if there is a pause between you talking you may change the way you talk (maybe you’ll be tited of running)

  5. Weird, I hear him talking about dynamic range, details and iPhone this and iPhone that but I don't see it or don't agree. Maybe little biased?

    But it doesn't matter, iPhone is just great at recording video. Everybody knows that. Video has always been smoother than Android only the last Galaxy's came close.

  6. All these amateur phone Camara reviewers.. Always talking about dynamic range they know nothing about. Some of them don't even know how to properly use a phone camera. Pixel still the best.

  7. iPhone shouldve been 60FPS tho since its capable of doing it. Also, recording sound of Pixel AND iPhone is better than the Notes. That said, Pixel is trash compared to the other 2 anyway.

  8. Great video. Very useful for users with more video usage than the photo. Phones have come a long way in the video but for good video, there is no replacement of a good mirrorless from Sony.

  9. Quick question. Does the average consumer actually care about 4k 60fps? Does that average consumer actually know what that is? My wife, mum, brother don't!! Only me a tech nerd knows the difference.

  10. Stabilization on the note was the best (front camera only).
    Stabilization on the note and iPhone on the rear are the same as the note has super steady mode.
    Quality on the iPhone was the best.
    Audio on the note was the best (reducing background noise).
    Dynamic range on the iPhone was the best while the note being too close.
    Color reproduction is still a reference and i like the note more.
    But….. Pixel was best in disappointment.

  11. If you watch a video where someone is trying to make a case that the pixel has a better or even a comparable camera to the iPhone when it comes to videos you should IMMEDIATELY turn the video off, because they’re clearly bias.

  12. You know, what ever equipment you use to hold 3 phone, the center one shall be more stabilized as it in the middle and nearest to centre of the hand

  13. You did a splendid job Max loved it! iPhone vividly won! But there are some ways that it's lacking but phones aren't perfect each product has flaws.

  14. Google has tried their best to compete with other phones but still quite left behinds..and you guys mocked them…but I think it was fun 🤯👍🤪😎🤣👍👍👍👍 thumbs up..

  15. "Slofies" has got to be one of the cringiest things ever.. And is it just me, or does the Note 10 selfie camera have the best dynamic range, while the Pixel's blows out the side of his face?

  16. I wonder if the Pixel 4 can achieve a better 4k video zoom with a 3rd party app? Or maybe one could try to turn video stabilization off? Maybe Google records 4k at 43mm (that's the native field of view of the second camera) and then just crops the footage instead of cropping the 16 megapixel sensor