Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Note 10+ Real World Camera Comparison Test!

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Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Note 10+ Camera Test Comparison.

Pixel 4 ($100 off):
iPhone 11 Pro:
Galaxy Note 10:

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  1. Pixel 4 wins by far, especially, if you know something about photography. They just updated the camera app for the pixel 3 and 3a. Now you can get pretty similar photos with a less expensive device. The 11 pro does makes nice videos. For me shooting 4k with a phone is quite annoying though. The white balance and other little problems can be easily solve in any of those phones.

  2. The video quality was better with detail on pixel 4xl and more stable. I prefer the colors slightly in video mode on the iPhone. Overall though, stability and detail recording. Pixel 4xl! Like I said though I tested them already so I already had an idea what would happen. I brought the pro max and 4xl. 4xl for me and pro max for my daughter.

  3. They have a standard wide angle camera. They don't use a ultra wide angle my guy. The pure view uses 5 cameras why don't anybody else's? Exactly my point is. Because someone else is using doesn't make it standard or does it makes the camera performance better. I don't use ultra wide angle myself being my pictures are more of people and animals. Also astrophotography is freaking awesome on pixel 4xl. Which is why after hands on with most of the latest and greatest I brought the 4xl.

  4. So far, this is the ONLY review that points out the closeness of pixelโ€™s image to real life. Every other reviewer (including the famous ones shame on you) just compares the images to each other which is pure stupid if you ask me. I tried the iPhone 11 Pro and pixel 4 side by side and I was so disappointed in the images the iPhone produced. The iPhone is a better phone overall, in terms of usability, but for the camera, it doesnโ€™t even come close to pixel 4. Thank you for this great review! Thumbs up!

  5. Good comparison, I loved the Pixel 4 camera and as a Samsung owner the selfie shots and video comparison wasn't so fair. For fact S10 and Note 10 video capabilities is way better than you showed us specially the super steady which is something out of this world. That 11 pro is looking amazing I want to get myself one after my last iPhone was the 6s

  6. Actually in terms of night the note gets the most realistic picture w the right colors. That yellowish is actually the correct reflection off things like stone in the night. The I phone 11 pro made it pinkish red, and the pixel kept good colors, but wasn't real. To me the pixel looks best at night but the note 10 was actually not bad at all. I give video to iPhone but it was rly close w the note.

  7. All the cameras are good, just pick the phone you want. I would pick the iPhone for iOS, ecosystem, support, build quality and software optimisation, and Apple forums support.

  8. What are you on about? The note video shits all over the pixel and comes close to the iPhone you're literally the only reviewer to say Samsung isn't good at video?

  9. Actually I think iPhone is intentionally blurring out the edges of the hair to minimise the awkward transition between the hair and the background.

  10. This was a great comparison, you dont seem to be biased on which phone you like better and instead you say what picture you truly liked the best. I believe that the pixel had the best qaulity pictures but all phones did great nontheless. I have a Note 10 plus and i am amazed at the quality on this phone!!