PIXEL vs. iPHONE ft. iJustine!

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iJustine comes by and we race our phone to see who’s phone is faster! Pixel vs iPhone review! Who do you think will win this competition?
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This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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  1. I could care less about selfies as I've had a smartphone since the beginning and haven't taken one. I will say that the young ladies are quite attractive and I still look at but as far as selfies I don't give a flip.

  2. Come on. … I do tasks more faster that this pixel even in my S7 edge…. It was kinda feeling like she was overreacting and slowing the process… My phone unlocked blazingly fast with Oreo and the fingerprint scanner….. Searching videos is fast, even access to the camera is only at a fast double click on the home button… Is unfortunate because the pixel is a very capable phone, but in this video looked kinda like a dumbest phone. Awesome collaboration, but the execution was mediocre, both phones are easy on pair and their os are certainly the most fastest in the industry.

  3. Hannah's selfie is better, the blur on Justine's took the definition away from the edge of her hair and the background.