Platform War – iOS vs Android – Apple vs Google – Comparison

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1:31 Business Model comparison
1:50 Software / Operating system comparison
3:15 Operating system pros/cons
7:00 Hardware / Devices comparison
8:11 Software + Hardware coming together (first to the market)
9:48 Support
10:58 Future and Conclusion

Story/editing: Sander Saar
Camera: Sander Saar

Featuring: iOS 8, Android L, iPhone 6, Nexus 5.


October 2014, London


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  1. I prefer iOS , my experience with android was good because of the constantly cleaning of trash …..Trash?! Why would you download TRASH ?!? In the first place ? Anyway when ever I opened more than 5 apps it started to lag . And I had no choice but to download a app that cleans trash and cools down the battery …I think . The moment I received a iPhone , life turned into paradise. That weird water sound was gone , those 3 buttons were gone and that over heating battery was gone . I met Siri and she had more things to say than the other one from android. The games I downloaded played well even if I was downloading 5 things at once , I don't know but all I'm say is that if you have a iPhone you'll feel like James Bond .

  2. I love so much the customization of android but IOS runs so smooth and its worth the money for the phone
    why can't just apple and samsung start working together ? 🙁

  3. no doubt android is better than iOS bcz apple phones are most costly than android and android gives fast processor ram internal storage in such a low price iPhone sucks

  4. no doubt android is better than iOS bcz apple phones are most costly than android and android gives fast processor ram internal storage in such a low price iPhone sucks

  5. Apple downloads:
    -Need a account
    -most of the apps u need to PAY OFF!
    -The good news is if some of the app deleted is gonna stored in icloud

    Android downloads:
    -Dont need account like "hell no!"
    -most of the apps is FREE
    -the bad news is if some of the app is deleted is NOT gonna stored on any backup programe thingy like icloud for example

  6. my biggest pet peeve is when people say Apple phones are more expensive. Like shit they aren't! They're the same price. You can buy an iPhone for $650-750 but you can also buy a Samsung Galaxy for $650-$750 dollars. SAMEFUCKING PRICE. My mom argued with me on this until I pulled up our account and showed her the prices were the same. The exception is if you get a different brand, HTC, Nexus, etc, but usually it's Samsung people who say this shit and it just drives me insane.

  7. You want the really true?
    Stupids just buy an android for get hacks I bet that's the only thing that they know how to do ? ????

    Accept iOS is better
    Get used to it.??

  8. Why Do People Have To Argue When Someone In The Comment Section Says:

    "Oh! Android Sucks! Get Apple!"
    "Apple is horrible! Get Android!"

    I like Apple more then Android, but guys, what have Apple Or Android Done To You?!

    Come on guys! We like diffrent stuff…

  9. Accept it. Both phones are great. As an ex-Symbian user, I really think you guys should be thankful for the phones you while there are some people that can't afford or even dream of such products. The real difference between them? Bigger screens, thickness, huge cameras.

  10. It became apparent that you're a biased Apple fan boy when you started mentioning all the negative characteristics of Android and none of the negative characteristics of Apple/iOS.
    You should change your channel name to "I believe in Apple"

  11. Why is everyone hating on the other company here?? Everyone is just arguing. I have an iPhone 6s and my brother has a galaxy note 6. Even though i know that maybe samsung IS better than apple, i still use my iphone. Each phone has its style, its speed and its fans. I like apple for its simplicity. I like samsung for its speed. I like both phones, and i literally don't care about apple or samsung fanboys, because all you know is, 'ahh, samsung is way better than apple' or 'ahh, apples speed is better and you don't get virus'. If you are one of these fanboys, do not reply or like. I request you to kindly f*ck off. Please reply if you are not a fanboy.

  12. Apple: simple functioning phones for people that don't need to be able to delete the phone equivalent of system 32
    Android: more advanced to use (functionally) for people that do want to have the ability to delete the phone equivalent of system 32

  13. Apple use new generation and more expencive Lithium Polymer batteries, but atleast they are more stable and more secure. Android use very old Lithium Lion batteries, by hevier use 1-2 years and any android start lagging. Another factor is chipsets. Apple use more gold in their chipsets. As you know or dont know on proccessor are hundrets of little needles, than phone gets hot than those needles are deformating and than one needle start touch other, phone start to lagg. So apple chipsets are made from premium metal + more gold. Android chipsets are made from cheap metal. Also if you compare platforms, than IOS wins all the way, less viruses and less problems, also all new apps first goes for apple. Apple disadvantage is no memory cards and no removable battery, but whats made for bissuness. Apple users pay for quality to fake quantity pixels, proccessors and so whatever.

  14. not all android phones get updated because there are too many kinds,apple phones are all similar,boring,simple and commun that they all get updates(exept very old iphones)

  15. I've used both Android and Apple phones, and they're both pretty much the same. But, the Apple vs Android platform wars is just like the PC Master Race vs Console peasant wars. Apple is like a console, it has high quality games(but you need to pay for most high quality games), noob-friendly/user-friendly, and reliable, its settings are pretty much the same as an Android phone, but most of its settings cannot be changed at all. Its software does not have the flexibility of an Android phone. The Android platform, however, is just like the PC, kinda not noob-friendly(but totally user-friendly), but very modifiable. It also has very awesome games(there are games you have to pay for, but you can just download games from the internet), and can also download stuff like music from the internet, which can't be done on an Apple phone/iPhone. So of I were to choose, i'd rather choose an Android phone…

  16. If Android phones used faster storage like the iPhones nvme SSD storage then a lot of Android phones would be equal to or greater than iPhones in terms of app loading speed an gaming performance. Hopefully vulkan helps Android game development in the future as well. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a Snapdragon 835. If the specs of the processor live up to its performance then we have a real contender with the iPhone.

  17. I might be wrong; I'm just a kid, but I think there really is no "better" one. Chose iOS if you want something simple and easy to use, and chose android if you want something more complex, and if you want more customizability.

  18. I've always had android but want an iPhone, should I change and if I do how do I get music without paying and how do I get it fast?

  19. iPhone
    phone design:Best

    All is Perfect, nothing left to say.

    Nokia:be careful to your father Samsung, Microsoft, Apple.

    Note: all of the phones do the same thing.

  20. First of all, even when this video doesn't seem to include much facts as a 'real' comparison should have, it was way, I say WAY more informative yet more useful to me than any other with the same topic. I appreciate the way you thinking and present your thoughts.
    Furthermore. Please, let me ask you a few questions.
    What do you think about the 'fact' that Android slowly kills the phone 'under' itself? After two years of heavy usage of a top-notch phone, it gets full of upgrades, full of unused applications (mostly Google), and usually gets painfully slow? Meanwhile Apple IOS is working just right on a 5-6 years old phone…
    And finally: what is your primary phone nowadays?
    Thanks, and congratulations again!

  21. EEHH I almost fell asleep… all I'm saying is Mac is better than windows by far. the way they make windows is terrible. if you try to open the laptop screen, u literally pick up the whole laptop.but simple . same for phones. apps doesn't get viruses. android does. its just logic.