Play Android games An Apps On PC WIth BlueStacks 4

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All New Bluestacks 4 faster than ever! Play your favorite Android games on your PC or laptop.

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  1. I was wondering if blue stacks can be used for apps and programs that are not games? such as Koomoot, Trabee Pocket (budgeting app), Uber and Duolingo? I am trying to recover lost data on these apps for my broken phones. also play duolingo on the computer as the website login is not comfortable interface for me. Thank you.

  2. I installed Bluestacks to use "Smule". on my PC instead of using my phone.. It did work, but the sound is very much delayed, so if you're installing this to use Smule, or other "voice apps" you might aswell use your phone… Because the delay between the song and your voice is terrible…

  3. This is very annoying, when i install it it says "Installing package…" or something like that, it gets stuck on a certain percentage or takes way too long. Right now, mine is stuck on 81% and it isn't doing a thing! how awful, useless and DISGUSTANG ! I'm not blaming you, but I am here to ask if anybody else has this problem, if your bluestacks is installing and it say is stuck on a certain percentage like 34%, 81%, 50% and more, please reply if you have any EASY method to fix this, if not, R.I.P.

    EDIT: What's also funny is that it says "installing engine…" when they aren't even doing a damn thing.

  4. the allows you to run android apps on a windows 10 computer. I want to run an android app that is installed on my phone on my desktop. This is because I find it easier to type stuff into my phone from my desktop. You cant use BlueStacks for that, right? With BlueStacks you download the app itself on your desktop. There is no connection with the phone whatsoever, right?

  5. IT STOLES YOUR Google password. Right when i logged in to my google account in Bluestacks then i got email from google that someone has logged in to my google account from the other side of the world.

  6. You sir are awesome.

    Your channel is full time satisfaction and is like heaven for newbie pseudo tech geeks like me who know nothing but want to act like real deals.

    huge thanks and applaud to you.

  7. Bro I have paid for age of civilizations 2 on my phone and google play. But when I tried to download it from Blustacks they asked me to pay again for the game. Pls help me. I want to play it on pc

  8. ⚠️⛔ Don't use Bluestack otherwise your account will be hacked. Bluestack will frequently change your email password. If you log in your account on PC and check the devices that your account is sign in, you'll see devices that you don't. ⚠️⛔

  9. Thank you so much for making this video. I bought Kights od the Old Rupublic for my phone and i was sick of using the terrible controlls.

  10. I wantedto install btawl stars and i loghed in with my password and i got hacked my laptop crahed system 32 and i needed to make a new acc