PUBG Mobile Hack 2018 – Free Battle Points Hack?(Android/iOS/PC/Xbox One)

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Hello dear gamer of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds! I would like to show you something that could help you reach much higher level in this awesome game. It’s official PUBG free battle points hack 2018! More than two months were spent in order to create truly working and free hack witch would help get almost unlimited PUBG mobile or PC battle points.

So, how to hack pubg mobile? You just have to follow these quite basic steps:

1. Enter your PUBG username in the field below. It can be mobile (iOS, Android) or PC (MAC) username.

2. Simply choose the amount of gems and coins you would like to receive. As you can see maximum amount of PUBG BP are 100000. It is just impossible to get more because this is the limit of the resources in the software. Other hacks who are offering 99999999 are simply fake. Believe in me.

3. Turn on proxy for 100% safety and press „Hack Now“

4. Complete human verification process. We are really sorry for that, but we had to make this security system in order to make our pubg hack free and safe to use. Because if harmful software could get in to our hack code, hack itself could become harmful for our users. And off course, we don‘t want that. Thanks for your understanding.

5. Spend your piles of gems and coins, that‘s it!
Also, one thing – sometimes our hack will not work. Our tests showed that hack is successful 7 out of 10 times. So if you didn’t received resources at first just try again. Eventually you will definitely get your resources.

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So that’s all, we hope our PUBG mobile battle points glitch will be helpful for you, and have a good Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay!

Download the game here:


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  1. guys these comments are bots and the likes too its fake dont fall for it u can be hacked or get a virus tricking u to download a apk file or zip btw the number of bp is edited to 99999

  2. fake hai ye fellows. there is no way that these idiots can have access to server database of battleground's server. don't do it. even the comments here are fake.????