Q&A #2: Android vs iOS, iPhone SE 2, Call Recorder Apps and more

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Our first #Youtube #Premiere and i am happy to answer your Questions today. Its a lengthy Q&A video, tried my best to answer your Questions.

– Android vs iOS – Which is Best?
– iPhone SE 2 will be released or not?
– Are there any Call Recorder Apps for iPhone?
– What is Jailbreaking?

and find more answers for your questions. Thank you very much for your Questions and Patience watching this lengthy video 🙂

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How to Get Refund for Apps in AppStore?

Apple iPhone SE Review:

Gears i use,

My Camera and Lens:
Godox LED:
Tripod with Mobile Holder:
Voice Recorder:
Screen Recorder App:

Connect with iRobinPro on,


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  1. Bro
    Android mobile ah hard reset pani na pothum Next antha mobile ah 3rd person use pana start panirlam
    Athey mari I phone ah hard reset pani use panamudiuma?

  2. Anna intha question na munnadiya kakkanumnu apdinu iruntha ana athu miss aaidichi ippo kakaren
    Apple security la first tha ana
    Phone theft or miss aaidichi Na
    Phone easy to switch off panna mudiyum athu Peria oru problem
    Athanala iPhone na switch off pananum apdina Touch ID or Face ID or Passcode ketta nalla irukkum ithu ennoda suggestion

  3. Bro Foreign la iPhone na vangitu vandha enga warranty kedaikuma ??? Most of customer complaint parten…adula International warranty irundalum enga apply panna mudila solluranga…So ada pathi explain pannunga

  4. Hi bro I understand iPhone to iTunes sync ok but my laptop damage so new PC sync pannumpothu my iPhone songs deleted problem bro please tell me