RAD Studio XE5 – Setting Up Your iOS Development Environment

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This short video shows you how to set up your RAD Studio XE5 development environment for iOS application development.

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  1. I'm sure if Apple works hard at it, they can make iOS development even MORE complicated and legalistic. Honestly, I've been developing Windows based applications for over 20 years and I have NEVER had to ASK for Microsoft's PERMISSION. 

    So, let's see, you can't develop, or test an iOS APP unless you also purchase a MAC. Next, you can only DEPLOY an APP within the Apple iTunes store and
    pay Apple a developer license fee?

    I have created dozens of Windows based software applications and we have always been FREE to distribute our applications to our own customers on our own websites as a direct transaction without being forced to sell or distribute our software, drivers, or applications through Microsoft and give them a percentage of sales.

    The fact that smart people PUT UP with this CRAP says more about our spineless culture than anything else.

    If I buy a DVD player, does SONY insist that I only watch movies that I purchase directly through SONY?

    Fortunately, There are Windows tablets now that allow people to BE FREE to develop, test, and deploy applications directly to our customers without asking
    for PERMISSION from a GIANT corporation and paying them shake down cash.


  2. They are HD and are looking very good on Mobile and Computer! Embarcadero, VERY god work with XE5 and android support!!! Delphi got my favorite language. ;D Keep it up. Greetings from Switzerland ^^