React Native vs Ionic vs NativeScript vs Android/ iOS Native Apps

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Time for the ultimate comparison – who wins? React Native? Ionic? NativeScript? Native apps built with just Android and Swift? Let’see!


Dive into React Native:
Dive into React first:


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  1. What about Ionic 3? i think many people like me thought that Ionic 3 with Angular 2+ can create a native app.. but I don't see any mentions in the video about Ionic and native apps. It would be very helpful if you can make a video or give a short note on Ionic 3 vs React Native vs Native script.

  2. Awesome video as usual. I would include developer experience in the comparison. I think react native and ionic probably have better realtime reload/refresh on changes in relation to nativescript. Although I have read the nativescript team is actively working on reducing reload/refresh time. Debugging is also probably better in react native. I feel the overall dev experience is more enjoyable in react native but in terms of stability I would go for nativescript. Thanks for your videos Max. You are awesome!

  3. Nativescript seems to be a very interenting option, not too popular the downside, but the fact that it's not tied to framework is a good point, anyways there's plenty react fanboys out there and that's the tendency nowadays

  4. I think the native one wons the battle, as any other one just a playground, where you guys will be the test subject, and whatever is good just wil be built in firefox /chrome or whatever browser.

    Cordova is just a javascript native interface, you can create it within 5 lines of code, anyway it's buggy, ionic 3 is very buggy, which never will be fixed, i'm forced to rewrite my codes, no i recreated many UI components. Cordova plugins whatever i used is wasting time, you can recreate far more easily than just use one of them, they are very buggy, sometimes outdated, and at the end you cannot avoid to debug other's code natively. Swift and java is not that big deal, you need to test on Mac anyway. React is messy i think. Angular is over-complicated, and a bloatware with many performance issues. Angular material is just recreating the css, and every variable has a new style name. I don't think it's the future it's similar to GWT, which was also heavy. You need to think twice when you are creating an angular component, is fine, but to replace an html tag, what is so so common, is not the way to go.

  5. Thank you so much for making this video!! because it's a web view the ionic apps are lagging so much but not for nativescript or react native. I have been using nativescript for more than 6 months now believe me it's a great mobile development platform!!!

  6. Great video! i think you should have mention Kotlin cause its the formal langauge now i guess.. and also Framework 7 and Fuse frameworks .. there is more.. frameworks but i think react native ionic and nativescript are the big ones so you are right. also i think you should have mention that if someone already know Angular it will be better for him to learn ionic or nativescript cause thry work with angular team and google people. but react people should go for react native. at least in the beginning. i learned ionic now and i move to nativescript and it is nice but i have problems of implemention on android SDK ):

    Thanks again. it was really informative stuff.

  7. Max! thanks for this video. I always wanted to learn about this comparison and you did it great. Let me remark your slides since 2017 your slides have been improving drastically, love them. Keep it up, you are the best youtuber. Grats on 100k subscribers

  8. Hi Max,
    I had experience with both RN and Swift.
    There is some limitation on RN like
    -You can't use native component when you use create-react-native-app (react-native link not available)
    -Deploying to store in RN is a serious problem (if you used expo in app it makes harder)
    -RN is awesome platform to make apps to work in all device dimensions.
    -If you used FlatList you may loss your app performance or may makes your app slow.
    -Error handling is sucks in RN. Some times you can't find the problem.
    -There is many native components that not supporting in RN like YouTube Player (but there is third party libraries but not working as you expect).

    I think that if RN team solve the current problems it will could be most popular mobile app developing platform.

  9. Flutter its close to nativescript and reactnative? Nativescript and reactnative share the same philosofy working above xml to access components. Its right? Tanks.

  10. Thanks for a great comparison. I really enjoy learning NativeScript and hope it gets more popularity. I found it the fastest way to build an actual app, that I was able to install on my android device + with Sidekick we're able to build iOS apps without having a mac. And there is the free Nativescript Book that is an amazing resource to learn from. So learn {NS} guys!

  11. Danke Max,
    At the end of your comparison broke mine heart. The issue of performance can say that React is better than Ionic. However, will see React also, after finishing the Ionic Schnitzel :).