REACTING TO iPhone XS Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 BATTERY TEST!

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XS Max vs. Note 9 Battery! How good is iPhone Xs Max Battery compared to Note 9 Battery Life? What’s the charge time iPhone Xs Max offers and how fast does iPhone XS Battery Drain Test all in this video. I will be reacting to the original video which is linked below and together we will find out about iPhone XS Max Battery vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which one is really better?

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  1. FYI… an iPad exploded on a plane killing 66 people. An iPhone X exploded in an apple store. It happens bro. Look at the issue that happened last yr with all of those iPhone 8s swelling.

  2. It wasn't really a reaction, you just repeated what we could already see. You basically just stole someone's video and did a voiceover