REAL Galaxy S8 Durability Drop Test + Galaxy S8+ Giveaway

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is beautiful and powerful, but is it durable? We find out today in a series of realistic (Yes, I said realistic) 5 foot drop tests! Once on its side, back, and front to see how well it holds up! I thought I’d try one of my classic drop tests. Should I do some more like this? Post your opinion down below!

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! Would love for you guys to watch some vlogs and subscribe if you enjoy them (don't need to subscribe to enter the giveaway though!). More drop tests and destruction videos coming soon!

  2. NOO !!! ….  Not the phone !!
    I dare you to go to the shop that you got the phone from I tell them it fell off my roof but I didn't break then I slipped and fell on it and it broke like if he has to do thatIf I win, will drop everyday just like you  🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. First drop on the back and first drop on the front it cracked that's horrible the iPhone 8 and iPhone X did way better than the first drop on both sides of that perfect

  4. when you scroll down to comments to read opinions on the video, but all you get are idiots who want to win the phone. idiots dont realise the video is over half a year old.

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  6. I have a a Samsung s8+ it's a really nice phone. The only dis is that there are hardly any good cases in stores. You have to order them online. But it's well made for my opinion. Whoever gets one. Buy a case asap. My phone scratched very deep before I put on a case so rip