Real World Test of Huawei P40 Pro Camera

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AD. In today’s video I do an In the Field test of the Huawei P40 Pro’s Quad Leica Camera. I look at the image quality of the Jpegs and RAW files, I test the P40 Pro’s Night setting, HDR and Pro Mode and I will make a large to print which will be the ultimate test.

Take a look at the Huawei P40 Pro:

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  1. How would you rate this phone for sunset photography? My wife has the P30 Pro and it's absolutely horrible at it. The RYYB sensor just can't get the colours right and it ends up looking very boring compared to the real sunset.

  2. Sigh.. most P40 Pro youtube reviewer (even the famous one) doesn't really care at all about the Macro test shot.

  3. Hii bro how are you?? I. Have one question who is best camera smart phone 2020 Huawei p40 pro plus, Samsung S20 ultra, one plus 8T, pixel 5 who is best please share your opinion

  4. I watched this video a few weeks ago before I bought my P40 Pro (which arrived a few days ago) and I wish I had paid more attention of your dismissal of the raw files around 8:00, and in particular, your attempt to get rid of the green tint around 8:14 where you wiggled the mouse pointer around the tint slider, which was already maxed out at the magenta side.
    I now understand that wiggle of frustration a little more.
    I feel that if this video wasn't promoted by Huawei then you would have mentioned that all the raw files have a green tint. The camera uses a RYYB sensor, instead of RGB and essentially has twice the amount of "green" pixels (captured as yellow), which (I assume) is the reason all the raw files have a massive green tint to them.
    I feel that you definitely glossed over the fact that the raw files are essentially unusable, although you did slightly kind of lean that way.

    I think it's a bit devious for Huawei to claim that the phone will shoot 50MP raw files, but they don't tell you that they are basically a gimmick. Maybe Lightroom, in the future, will put out a better profile for this phone, or maybe increase the range of their tint slider, or something, but at the moment raw files are useless.

    Still, the phone does shoot great jpegs, but I did feel a little bit hard done by when I opened all my lovely raw files in Lightroom only to find they were useless, and that nowhere in any of the reviews I watched was it mentioned.
    Reviewers generally just say "it shoots raw" but never bother to give any more info than that.

  5. I stopped taking photos for 10 years. I got fed up of lugging heavy cameras around. When I picked up an iPhone 3GS it was like a door had been opened and exciting sky had leapt in. It was pure joy to use and gave me new life and appreciation. Sadly the app that I found for the phone at the time is no longer available but there’s always the likes of Snapseed. If I ever am stuck in a rut and need a boost I always turn to a smartphone.

  6. No way. This phone, REALLY, can produced such quality? Your review wow me, bro. My 11 Pro Max can't match this phone. Plz, do, do the video review as well. Great review. I may get this phone, bro.

  7. I dont care how good phones are, they will never replace the superiority of a dedicated camera. For me, and most photographers, once we take hold of our cameras we disconnect from everything else. I wouldn't want to call somebody from my camera, so why would I want to use my phone to take pictures.

  8. With privacy and cyber security issues from China, the last phone I would buy is a Huawei phone or any tech coming out of China.

  9. A lot of people love macro photography, and couldn't add macro mode to both the p40 pro and p40 pro +
    Really how could that miss huawei? I am disappointed in huawei because of that small but valuable little thing.

  10. I don't know this guy but why does he sound so surprised that smartphone cameras have come such a long way, he looks like he never opens his smartphone camera app lol

  11. Amazing !!
    I think I'll buy one and also study a basic photography course,
    to have some art in my life 😊
    To be honest, I can't resist that phone, it looks amazing 😂🔥
    Edit: Man I wished you do some kinda cinematic videos with it. I'll continue my search 🙂



    Looks like Asia will RULE the world after this COVID19 situation!

    I guess it's time for us Asians to SHINE after being treated awfully by some people from the west.

    No wonder why GOOGLE made a very DIRTY, DISGUSTING and DESPERATE move to make "ACCUSATIONS" about PRIVACY against HUAWEI because let's just accept the fact that ASIANS are "LEARNING" and while we LEARN, WE PROGRESS!

  13. I can't imagine why James May ever thought long hair was cool. If your wife had a go with the lawn mower, it couldn't be worse than this. Save your one and only selfie. You won't believe it when things get back to normal.

  14. I pressed the subscribe button because I always have this idea that a printed image will always be better than images shown in any screen.

    You seem to look underwhelmed with the quality of the printed image so it made me rethink about the notion that "dedicated cameras like DSLR and Mirrorless cameras are nearing its end because of these advancements in mobile phone photography."

  15. I have always said this, smartphones are the future of this industry. They have come so far in just ten year compared to traditional cameras. Yes a traditional camera with it's larger sensor can take breathtaking images, but the clunky UI, horrible update system and god-awful connectivity is where smartphones shine. Why they don't create an eco-system where these systems communicate and benefit from each other technologies is beyond me but, I can see in the next years that smartphones will probably rival our best cameras then because the technology is pretty insane.

  16. Lol, Huawei phones from China are so popular, and impressive and powerful when you are not really going out to take pictures. They really create unexpected images. When I first used P40 Pro camera during a hiking, I was not planning to take any picture of course, the moment I saw what it gave me I was totally shocked!!! Happy to see you use it doing landscape photography. generally it’s powerful enough for people who don’t usually use a camera. The truth is however the quality can not compare with camera photos’