Reasons Samsung Is BETTER than Apple

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Here we discuss three core qualities that everyone looks for (or is annoyed by the absence of) in their smartphones, and why it makes WAY more sense to NOT buy any of those fruit phones that limit you, stunt your potential, and leave you technologically crippled just to benefit the tyrannical tech giant that is Apple Inc.

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  1. I cannot agree with you more the wireless provider i work for in our black friday ad we have all the leading phones on sale but for the ad it just shows 3 because apple wont let there phone be advertised with other phone companies only by its self like come one sorry your so "classy" apple it is literally like that girl in the room everyone wants but is the dumbest and bitchiest in the whole room but everyone still wants her FML side not when are you going live again we need that lol

  2. I chose the Pixel 2XL, after much deliberation, to be my iPhone replacement. I very seriously considered the Samsung offerings but went with Google in the end. Samsung is the best at some things but does some other things poorly. I just decided that I’d prefer a totally stock, fluid android experience (after 8-9 years of only using iOS) and not only does google deliver that in spades, their phones will be first in line for all updates.

    If I have to choose between the absolute best hardware with lesser software or the absolute best software on lesser hardware, I’d rather have the top notch software but that’s just me. I really wish that google had used Samsung’s amoled displays instead of LG’s p-oled but the rest of the phone makes up for it and then some, in my opinion.

  3. To me, iPhone is much better then Samsung, or android all day, I’m on a iPhone 7 Plus currently, gonna get a iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X soon enough.

    I just can’t live without iMessage or FaceTime, I’m constantly chatting with my girlfriend, and friends on iMessage and FaceTime.

  4. i have like over 800 vides and Pictures on my lg bello and i had it since 2015 and i still use it but i mean that the total of the 800+ is mixed v´with videos and Pictures and i have alot of difrent maps in int

  5. I've had iPhones off and on….my last a 6+. Almost bought the 7+ a year ago……glad I didnt. Then I decided I wanted more out of my smartphone. (Not to mention I wasn't ready to give up the headphone jack.) THEN, I saw the Galaxy S8 and S8+, played around with it and was so blown away. I decided then to start saving up for my next smartphone purchase. I always had high regard for Apple products. However, I was very disappointed when they unveiled the iPhone 8, and a month ago, I officially made the switch to the S8+ and I've had no regrets. No, I didn't leave Apple…………..Apple left me.

  6. The most important part of a phone you hafto use that's more important than anything first thing I thought of was to activate the screen or the power Button kkep beaming..