Recording Guitars in GarageBand iOS – Electric & Bass (iPhone/iPad) – Complete-a-Song – Episode 8

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The time has come… to record guitars! Today, we record some rhythm, lead and bass guitars in our Complete-a-Song challenge.

Covered in this video:
– Setting up to record electric and bass guitars using a USB Audio Interface
– Recording a rhythm guitar part
– Recording a lead guitar part
– Recording a bass guitar part

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  1. Pete, what video do you discuss sound recording levels while recording through audio interface? I struggle with sound levels f gb ios as it seems I have to max out levels to get decent listening as it seems low? I am using ipad pro 9.7 2016 model and a behringer umc204hd.

  2. Hi Pete, this is Dennis again in Calif. my question to you this morning is, how do I remove an instrument track from a Merged track, and
    move it to an empty track so I can do the necessary editing? Your YouTube videos and instructions are a real blessing and appreciated

  3. Another great video, Pete! I have a question about plugging straight into the interface and using the amp simulators. I tried recording a crunch guitar but the noises were awful. A lot of buzzing, rattling, etc…Clean didn't do this but the overdrive and distortion options were seriously awful. I ended up recording my amp through an SM57 and it came out good but sometimes I need to record quietly so as not to disturb the neighbors. Have you had this issue?

  4. Hey Pete, Love the site and tutorials. I have a question concerning interfaces. I own a brand new m-audio fast track pro interface the original one they made. I don't use a laptop anymore for recording but…I received a 2018 ipad 9.7 regular not the pro. Can I use this interface with the ipad and garage band? I don't if it needs drivers like windows. I heard that it may be possibe to use even though I don't have drivers for it. your help would be great. thanx

  5. I am looking to use something for recording a guitar, nothing serious just fun really. Is Garageband ideal for this and do I have a function to add virtual instruments such as a bass and drums? Great video!!

  6. Hi friend ,liked your video man .tell me few things if you don't mind ,first of all I have never used iPad ,as android experience less ram really sucks ,and I can only afford 2gb ram iPad if I buy one ,so I have a doubt that I will again suffer with ram problem , tell me as you using those apps ( which why I am also considering to buy iPad ) will I be able to download all the apps you have ,and capture duo and few notation apps is it possible in 2 GB ? And does garage band comes as stock app in any iPad ?

  7. Thanks man, really simple and helpful video. I wanted to ask something probably silly. I really like my sound as it is (micro amp head plus a couple of pedals), and I'd like to record it instead of using plugins, can I plug this straight into an audio interface? If yes, should I use the amp's headphones' output or the speaker output? Or should I use my cab's MicSim speaker-emulated output? I hope I made sense. Thanks again!

  8. Hello
    i just bought an Ipad 2nd Gen and have my UR12 to use with garage band. Is the tablet good enough to record my music in garage band and do editing with it. Also can you tell me what adapter I need for the USB connection…
    Thank you so much

  9. Hi pete no play through of the song…apart from that enjoyed watching it. Cant wait for the drums be good to see how you do the full track and get some tips

  10. Good work! I too have spent most of the day working on a song. If I can ever get the full sound that I want I will surely have accomplished something.