Recording iOS automated Tests using Appium Inspector

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This is demo of the how to record iOS automated tests using Appium and Ruby code.


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  1. Can you please, make a tutorial step by step 0 to 100% of the Appium configuration for testing on a iOS real device? the actual documentation on their website isn't very helpfull… If you could.. that would be grat! thanks!

  2. Hi Shashi,

    Nycc video. I m too trying appium for ios app on mac but getting error while launching inspector i.e

    "Could Not Launch Appium Inspector
    Could not start a new session

    Be sure the Appium server is running with an application opened by using the "App Path" parameter in (along with package and activity for Android) or by connecting with selenium client and supplying this in the desired capabilities object."

    Things in which I am confused please help me –

    1. Under ios settings which .app path we have to provide ?
         a) simple the folder path of the .app file where it is present or
         b) .app path under iphonesimulator folder but let me tell you that I am not understanding this concept that how actually we have to locate the path of app under this. Please help me in this because I think due to this I m unable to start inspector
         c) Is UDID need to be checked or unchecked in case of iphonesimulator?

    2. Under General Settings Please verify these under and correct me if there's any wrong
       Server address –
       Port – 4723
      and what will be the call back address and port ?

    These are some queries and please highlight if i am skipping anything.


  3. Hola buen dia… me podría pasar la url, del proyecto o version, de appium , esq la version que tengo para la mac, cuando abro el record del inspector se cierra