Red iPhone 7 Plus unboxing: Checking out the red of (Product)Red

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Apple’s newest color iPhone has a bold new red metallic finish. Here’s what’s in the box.

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Our first impressions of Apple’s Clips app:

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  1. Mine is a pain in the ass to keep clean. Especially on the back. I naturally have oily skin and was disappointed I couldn't use my silicon cases from my 6s Plus

  2. Cant wait to get this phone in like a month im going from the iphone 6 to this and this phone will stay with me till graduation

  3. I got the matte black. In a week, you dont even care the color that your phone has??. But the iphone itself is one of the best pieces of tech ive ever owned and im very proud to be an owner.

  4. hi im curious about online store lazada at my country sell iphone7 plus 256gb with red and black front, their claim original international manufacturer warranty, im doing research about if original or not, but i found it's not original came from iphone store, is it true?

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