Redmi 10X 5G Unboxing/Review after 1 month! Watch before buying! is this Redmi Note 10 Global?

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Related Things below stated r timeline of this video, time stamps:
00:30 – Redmi 10X 5G Unboxing
02:10 – Redmi 10X 5G Review
03:35 – Redmi 10X 5G hands on
12:00 – Redmi 10X 5G performance
04:40 – Redmi 10X 5G screen test
16:01 – Redmi 10X 5G face ID
08:10 – Redmi 10X 5G sound speakers
22:40 – Redmi 10X 5G gaming test
20:40 – Redmi 10X 5G Camera Samples
16:58 – Redmi 10X 5G battery life
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  1. MTK cheat benchmark scores though. I don't care about that stuff but no global variant so I'd have an MTK chip in a phone that won't work in my country. Otherwise I'd buy 5 as Christmas gifts. Y'all missed a trick there didn't you xiaomi?.

  2. It has some problem with the compatibility of apps which require location services… such as uber. i downloaded google play framework, service, and also store, but once i get on uber, it always tells me "google play services are updating". is there anyone knows how to solve this issue?

  3. Some said that mtk processors have video decoding issues. This redmi 10x 5g also has over sharpness issue while playing YouTube video, is that right?

  4. You said Sim is 2 + 1. Does that mean there are three slots on this phone and dedicated MicroSD? I thought Redmi 10X 5G was only hybrid sim try.

  5. Remember one thing:
    Efficiency of battery consumption:
    765G – 98 points (nr 1 on market)
    Dim820 – 87 points (avarage)
    Also : single core performance is 5% diffrence