Redmi 5 Android Pie 9.0 – Better than Pixel 3!

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Complete tour of the Pixel Experience rom based on the GSI Android 9.0 file. Everything works fine and it`s quite smooth too!

Installation instructions:
Gcam fully working for rosy:

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  1. How to get this pie update in mi 5 mobile please you bring video of that teqnic please I am your subscriber
    I hope you will publish the video about how install please sir

  2. Which GSI file did you download because I downloaded and installed the Vanilla-nosu file and it is nothing like this. Also, the navigation buttons are same as that in Oreo. I didn't get the single Home button.

  3. For those who are asking how when and what
    Please Join the Redmi 5 rosy Official group on Telegram to keep you updated with the Redmi 5 development status.!

  4. But all custom ROM become laggy by the time we use. I have experienced the lagging of custom ROMs in my previous smartphone that was Lenovo Vibe K5. I have a question can you answer it Stefano? The custom ROM became laggy in Lenovo VK5 because of it's cheap processor? SD410 is used in Lenovo VK5