Redmi 9 Prime Review After 15 Days | Best Phone Under 10000? | Asli Sach | GT Hindi

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This is our review of Redmi 9 Prime after using it for almost 15 days on and off with the entire team. So is the phone a good option under 10000 even after the price increase? Should you buy it or there are other better options for you to check out? Let’s find out in this review.

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  1. Bhai i have bought 9 prime 3weeks back. When I m using the phone in night display brightness problem. I m playing YouTube brightness is full but it is brightness light getting low and automatically high. Wt to do

  2. bhai is bande ko htao esko model name to yaad rehta nhi hai kya review ki baate krega aur mana insano se galti hote hai per in logo ka quality control to kuch hai hi nhi video bnane se kuch nhi hota bhai ye chote chote chizo ka hi difference hota hai es channel me aur baki bade channel me