Redmi K30 Ultra UNBOXING and DETAILED REVIEW – Sacrifices were made…

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Design, Display, 120Hz vs 60Hz Test (Slow-mo), 120FPS Gaming Test with FPS Counter, Software, Speaker Test, AnTuTu Benchmark & Geekbench 5 Run, Camera Photo & Video Test (Mic Test), and Comparisons against the competition – This is my Unboxing and Review of the Redmi K30 Ultra!

00:00 – Unboxing & Price
00:53 – Design & Build (Compared to Competitors)
02:53 – Display (120Hz vs 60Hz & vs Competition Refresh Rates)
04:33 – Fingerprint & Face Unlock vs other Phones
05:06 – Pop-Up Camera
05:23 – Camera Specs & Picture and Video Samples Including MIC Test
07:33 – Software overview
08:09 – Hardware, Speakers & Gaming
10:04 – AnTuTu v8.4 Benchmark Run (Compared to ALL Chipsets)
11:17 – Geekbench v5.2 Benchmark Run?
11:42 – Final Verdict

FPS Stats Overlay: GameBench Pro
Find out more infornation here:

Stay tuned for more videos on the Redmi K30 Ultra in the weeks to come!

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  1. Greetings, sir Nick, I recently placed my order for a K30 Ultra base from your review in an instant. You can say, I am an impulsive buyer, I was not able to confirm with the seller that the unit I placed was CN or Flashed with Global ROM. I’m quite a noob when it comes to tech, can one Flash the K30 Ultra with a global ROM or is there a way to get google store installed? Thank you.

  2. Is xiaomi phone good for like long-term? My friend own a xiaomi and he said that the there is always problema with battery and software even only for 1 year of usage. While my samsung do not have any probelm for like 4 years. I want to switch to xiaomi since samsung phone is getting expensive but like i am concerned that I will face problems like him. Anyone own a xiaomi for like many years and is it still good?

  3. There is a app that unlocks all the app to 120hz. However xiaomi is working on a system update that will soon push to all the device(in one month I assume) that gives the user ability to unlock all apps to 120Hz. The game in the video caped at 61 Hz is because this software lock on unsupported apps.

  4. I love it bro and i love the 120 hz refresh rate and bro i want you to compare realme X3 superzoom and redemi k30 ultra which is better specially speed test ,gaming performance ,camera quality and i'm so prod of you bro

  5. Why does the score of 6GB of ram variant in antutu benchmark is higher than the 8GB of ram variant? in Frankie tech's video, he got 471k+ and has the 8 GB of ram variant, and in your video, you got a 6 GB of ram variant and got 479k+?