Redmi K30 Ultra vs Redmi 10X Pro – KILLED OFF?

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Here is my Redmi K30 Ultra vs 10X Pro initial comparison! Did Xiaomi effectively KILL OFF the 10X series with the release of K30 Ultra? And why is Xiaomi NOT releasing these globally? #K30Ultra #Redmi10XPro #Redmi #FrankieTech

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  1. what a himulation showoff by xiaomi during their whole 10 yes they had been using sd chip when its come their 10th anniversary they are showing mtk as if they care for coustomers need but it is what it is they are only doing it in china this is how monopoly of sd is supported

  2. Hello, I'd like to buy k30 ultra but it has no global version, Well anyway I'm from phil.. you think I still able to use that kind of pbone inspite their's no global version?

  3. The Ultra series are top notch. They easily overtake other flagship with these devices. Ultra series way to go guys. Elephant in the room. Too bad these are not mean for global , come on Xiaomi. Peoples need this.

  4. Seriously bummed the K30 Ultra aint going global… But, will wanna have the Redmi 10x 5g if i can get it in these parts…yeah, the 10x 5g works for me…

  5. It was said Redmi K30 Ultra & Mi 10 Ultra will not be releasing globally. It’s a little sad to hear this but why wouldn’t Xiaomi share such wonderfully spec out beasts, it’ll sell like crazy. Or maybe they’re implying that those phones will not be releasing globally with those said name. Perhaps that Redmi K30 Ultra can be the POCO F2 while the Mi 10 Ultra might be named Mi 10 Pro Plus instead. Not sure if Xiaomi is trying to play with our feelings here but maybe they’re already preparing some kind of sweet treat for the global market.

  6. Absolutely crazy not to have these on global release. But knowing them they'll re-badged them then go global. Could be another Poco or redmi variant. I'm sure this will happen then just sell them with a 30% plus mark up. Why they can't sell the phones at similar prices is beyond me 🤔