[Redmi note 4] How to set up call forwarding & call waiting on miui 8

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Hope this video helped you guys


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  1. At me Windows 7 I throw all 4 files in half life I play with Steam and when I throw only 2 files dll. and asi. that all is normal and when all 4 with options does not come on server even single raiz0 hack help me

  2. My redmi note 4 not shows Auto IP dialing options as shown in initial click of three horizontal lines. How to bring it

  3. Thank You So Much Bro!!!
    Very Very Much Helpful!!!
    But Bro, Don't Take Me Vrong PLEASE! !!
    Worst Accent in the world ? that I couldn't watch more than 5 sec! 🙂 But why, why, why,WHY??????
    After 16 years spent in London,
    I've heard all the accents of the world! But, but ohhh my dear friend N/A.

  4. After call forwarding settings u have sim 1 and sim 2 options but i don't have, and it goes directly to 4 part options that I can't set it up, first one is disable and others, setted on a number, that i don't know how came there. I receive error, "ur operator does not support…."
    Please help me