Redmi Note 4 Review with Pros & Cons Mid Range Champ?

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 In-depth Review with Pros & Cons (Review for the Snapdragon 625 the variant sold in India) it also sports a new 13MP rear facing camera and I share my experience of using the Redmi note 4 in this review.

Redmi Note 4 FAQ video

Redmi Note 4 Camera Review

Redmi Note 4 Gaming Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is sold in India via flipkart


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  1. Hey bro
    You lied about sound recorder mic.
    You also lied about camera.

    How you can be such a lier?

    Using Redmi note 4 snapdragon which is the best for sound recording & Xiaomi used 3 different camera. So the pictures will be different in decent light. But in sunlight, it will give same performance.
    & The speaker is not that kind of that you just talked about.
    Speaker is decent loud enough to hear. I tested it at my home.
    So don't lie.

  2. Given the battery gives you 2-3 days power, to get about one day's worth of power, how long does it take to charge? I'm tempted to divide 3hrs by 3 (i.e. provided 3 days to consume battery and almost 3hrs to fully charge), but I don't think the charging time is linear.

  3. You didn't mention that the 4g doesn't work with Vodafone… neither does Xiaomi nor Flipkart mentions that… regret buying it because I have a corporate card and not allowed to use any other network provider