Redmi Note 4 vs Lenovo K6 Power Speed Test

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Redmi Note 4 vs Lenovo K6 Power Speed Test.

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  1. Guys don't judge phones by these use less speed test. If you want good after sales service and longer updates go for redmi note 4 but if you want to waste your money with a company that don't have authorized service center and don't ever expect updates in your life then go for lenovo k6 power.

  2. I heard that Lenovo will only make moto phone and no upcoming Lenovo own company phone and zuk is already getting closed so what's your take on it is Lenovo doing right

  3. Well I am a Lenovo user and I have had bitter experiences with lenovo devices. First of all everyone should be aware that the touch sensitivity of Lenovo screen keeps degrading and within 6 months you will face issues such as touch not responding all the time.
    Even in this video you can see sometimes Nikhil had to re-tap on the screen to launch some apps.
    I hope Nikhil might be aware of this issue specific to lenovo devices.

  4. hi.. Is there any heating issue with K6 power?. Please do review for 1. Normal uses 2. While charging 3. While call 4. While gaming small uses 30 min. 5. While gaming heavy uses more than 1 hour

  5. lenovo touch response after few months become less sensitive but it occurs if u use tempered glass….i am also using xiaomi redmi note 3…it looks great and performance is pretty impressive but after few months it lags while in little task…after all i didnt like xiaomi os optimaztion

  6. i am a lenovo user for almost 6 years with lenovo s850 and i have no problem at all with my phone. All functions are doing without any problem for six years until it broken because fall from high place ? but it still work until now ?