Redmi Note 4 vs Lenovo Z2 Plus | Battery, Gaming, Design& Build, Sound, Camera

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xiaomi redmi note 4 vs lenovo z2 plus comparison on the lines of display quality, design & build, camera quality, battery performance, gaming and sound quality.

redmi note 4 specs

– snapdragon 625 CPU
– Adreno 506 GPU
– 2/3/4 GB RAM
– 32/ 64 GB Storage
– 13 MP rear camera
– 5 MP front camera
– 4100 mAh battery
– 5.5″ 1080p display

lenovo z2 plus specs :
– Snapdragon 820 processor
– 3/ 4 GB RAM
– 32/ 64 GB ROM
– 3500 mAh Battery
– 5″ 1080p Display
– 13 MP rear camera
– 8 MP front camera

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  1. Come on dude u are a shitty reviewer.. Mayb u couldn't afford a z2 plus.. Its the same as u saying rn4 is better than op3.. Get a life.. Nd display is better?? Haha fuck off man.. Pixel density I what matters.. If u like a hugger screen us a 640×480 cr monitor instead if ur redmi note.. Cuz it's bigger.. Ure such a loser. Comparing flagship with midrange.. Adreno 506sucks compared to 530..its like core I 7 extreme vs i5 beginner.. Nd gx 1080 vs gtx 1050..
    AndAnd please the game u ran.. Any phone can run it.. Try mc5

  2. Im be honest. Z2 plus is for heavy gaming. Ive played critical ops and strike of kings for 3hrs without frame drops. But the camera and sound quality sucks, almost similar to redmi 3s.
    But if you want to play upcoming games like durango or shadowgun legends, sd820 is a must.

    Rn4 haa better quality and sound but not for heavy gaming. Im not talking about dead trigger or asphalt. My friend says he gets 13-18 fps during intense battles in strike of kings at low settings. So dont even think about running deadheads or shadowgun legends.

  3. I don't think RN4 camera is even closer to z2 plus, I have compared it myself. Poor shutter speed on RN4 . 70 percent of times u will get blurred photos, where's in z2 plus that percentage drops to 5. Even I walk and take pictures images comes out good.

  4. What a bad comparison….z2plus is flagship piece…..And what a joke…..Cam of mi note 4 is better than z2 plus…. Don't subscribe this one..Go for Technical guruji

  5. Man I had done lot research to buy i bought z2,but after 2 months my mother bought note 4,
    I am a collage student I comparred both phones when i went home in holidays,
    please check same hd wallpaper on both phones side by side and u will see note 4 has a much better display
    reason for chossing z2 was sd 820 but again check app launch time of whatsapp,fb note 4 is much faster and it is due to zui after using custom rom like jaguar acpi zuk will be faster
    games play better on zuk z2
    redmi note 4 goes to 40-45 but zuk never comes bellow 40
    redmi has superrior heat management ,its metal radiates heat so person holding it feels it more hot than z2 but actually it is opposite u can check temp of both phones,with cm app on zuk and security app on redmi
    my zuk has reached 64 degrees and i have screen shot of it to prove while redmi never went over 48
    if u connect to internet after a few hours while using whatsapp zuk will hang till all whatsapp message are recieved
    zuk has lot of bugs for eg i am a student of iit guwahati,here we connect to iitg wifi using http proxy,port etc but in zui there is no option to save these proxy settings which is in every android phone so i have to every time use pshiphon vpn which limits connection to 2 mbps in unpaid version
    besides redmi had option to stop auto start of apps,inbuilt app lock,no volte problem,faster updates,much much much much bigger battery,
    zuk has better camera if u can use manual mode……………
    zuk hangs a lot ………..this is very fustrating
    in my collage 60% of my batchmates have note 4 ,i am regretting buying zuk z2 over note 4 but i have hope from custom rom which i am going to try on z2
    fingerprint of zuk is better
    redmi had mi sound enhancer (for Headphones)
    redmi made in india
    zuk made in china
    note i had bought 4gb ram version for 11k from amazon still i feel redmi is better even in value for money

  6. 2:00 Considering price to performance ration you are saying redmi note 4 is better
    what the fuck !!!!!!!!!!
    redmi note 4 comes with snapdragon 625 processor ( mid range processor)
    lenovo zuk z2 plus comes with snapdragon 820 processor (flagship processor) — same processor in (google pixel, samsung galaxy s7) it is 2016 flag ship processor

    it is the 3rd best processor qualcomm has ever produced (snapdragon 835,821)

    and you are saying redmi note 4 is good in performance

    and you are a youtube reviewer on gadgets

    how much Xiaomi is paying for you