Redmi Note 4 Vs Moto G5 Plus Comparison || Speed Test | Camera

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Redmi Note 4 Vs Moto G5 Plus Comparison || Speed Test | Camera

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Redmi Note 4 vs Moto G5 Plus Comparison || Speed Test | Camera , I hope you enjoyed it and if you want any changes for this kind of video write it down in the comment section.

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– Yashwant Budhwani
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  1. redmi note 4 has ir blaster while moto g5 plus has nfc.. but on the other hand moto g5 plus has android nougat with trademark moto features like shaking the phone for flashlight, camera and so on.. also the home button can be customized for different functions.. having a better camera and fast charging, heating should not be considered as an issue.. moreover you can expand phone memory and use 2 sim cards at the same time.. i think it is the best in its price range..

  2. Guys it's Ur wish if u want to buy Redmi note 4 (Chinese mobile company) but don't forget about our Brave soldiers who fight against the Chinese and laid their life for our protection…..#Nation first# should be our motto