Redmi Note 4 vs Vivo Y66 Speed Test Comparison | Real Speedtest | TechTag!!

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redmi note 4 vs vivo y66 speed test comparison with opening some apps we see which is faster…
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Redmi note 4 vs iphone 6s speedtes-


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  1. Is switching off even a speed test?
    Seriously? opening settings, alarm, calculator this is what im watching
    dude go educate yourself first.

  2. stupid test! Is this the speed test or animation test.. lol.. Where is web page opening loading test? Where is heavy games speed test. Xiaomi Redmi note 4 is absolutely better than this shit….. Are you biased from vivo, or oppo, vivo shopkeeper? I already know that Redmi note 4 is faster, have better performance, better in every department but for only time pass I was seeing this, but this test is fake and the youtuber is stupid, he also favouring vivo…….Actually people like you forces Indians who don't have tech knowledge to buy these shits oppo, vivo……….

  3. this test is a slap to the people who think that vivo is making bad phones.look at the display quality and white color reproduction of vivo phone.

  4. Well show us high graphically demanding games like Modern combat 5 and Mortal Combat X then let's see who is the winner. Comparing Vivo y66 with Redmi note 4 is joke of the year.