Redmi Note 6 Pro Camera Review

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  1. I have one question here, The Photo editing options are not available in Note 6 Pro i bought few days back in india, but as shown in this video.. video @3min25sec… There are options showing, how is this possible?

    What is the reason?

  2. Just got the phone and took photo from the rear camera in portrait more but i dont see the icon (aperture) for adjusting the bokeh and all other effects. Any idea ?

  3. Nice video, I have redmi note 6 pro, time: 3: 25, which option you use for blur, light studio effect for picture or you use other software. Pls tell me, I can't find.

  4. Camera and features are awesome no doubt, but in my phone I'm not able to see manual blur and studio Lightning effects setting. I have updated MIUI version.
    Any MI tool needs to download?

  5. I just bought a redmi note 6 pro… But the problem is I don't get theoption as show in the video with portrait modes like blur adjustment camera lightning stuff…. Please help

  6. Sound recording with all redmi phones has always been worse and this redmi note 6 pro is not less in terms of that,,,,,,I really don't know why the apply the noise cancellation affect so much that it ruins the quality giving a some sort of auto tuning effect, mi need to work hard on audio recording