Redmi Note 6 Pro India Unboxing

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Redmi Note 6 Pro India Unboxing

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  1. Sadly Is Not A Big Upgrade As Compare To RN5 Pro Which Is Disappointing For The Users But For Other Buyers It Could Be A Good Buy If Launch At Good Pricing.
    Thank You Sir For This Video 🙂

  2. The cliche Xiaomi design has now become UN-APPEALING…
    Not a worthy upgrade over Note 5 Pro… Newer SD7XX processors would have made it a good buy… SD636 is now old and is given in almost all mid-range phones now…
    Although the Camera is impressive…

  3. If it will come with 660 then people would definitely look to it but xioami didn't upgrade the phone at all. They have just upgraded the camera slightly. Very much disappointed with them. Thanks for the unboxing sir

  4. Definitely not worth the upgrade from Redmi Note 5 pro
    A Snapdragon 660 would have been a game changer?
    I don't think the Redmi series will be getting a USB TYPE-C anytime soon. ?