Redmi Note 6 Pro vs Honor 8X

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Another comparison of Redmi Note 6 Pro but this time it takes against with Honor 8X which seems to be worth comparison video.
Who is going to win this battle considering similar specifications and price? Watch the video to know who wins the battle.

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  1. We Indian people like to debate, fight like roosters Nothing for.
    note 6pro better
    honor better
    samsung better
    lenovo better
    apple better.
    jise jo pasand wo buy kar le. congress is bad or Bjp does not matter brothers. work hard like chinese people.

  2. 8x has better look and more efficiency processor,that means slightly faster and less battery consumption .redmi has better colours in camera shots,its processor its also well and fast,if you don't have these phones side by side,you will not realize any differences. hard choice.for sure tho xiaomi must redesign their models cause all look the same, getting boring anymore. i'm leaning more to honor as it seems more balanced and 6.5 inches are great.i had mi max 2 and was thinking to go for mi max 3 but also there they didn't upgraded processor so 8x seems better option.also honor 8x max which is the rival of mi max 3 has same processor like mi max 3 (snapdragon 636) so i think honor 8x is better than all the others i mentioned,,fresh and powerful enough.