Redmi Note 8 Vs Note 8 Pro – Is The Pro Worth It?

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Today we have Comparison of the Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Redmi Note which one should you buy ?

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  1. What i dont understand is that a lot of people buy these big megapixels phones which looks good but they installed Google camera and use it,whats the use of the main camera if you install Google camera and use it instead of the main ???? This is absolutely meaningless

  2. Sir i have a problem with my redmi note 8 pro eu .i can listen music with my bluetooth earphone but i cannot talk in call phone call… and with wired earphone when network is good phone call is possible using earphone or without earphone but when network strengh is weak phone call is possible without earphone but not possible with earphone it sound teeeeeeeee …its weired whats the problem..

  3. so ultimately what are the compromises that we make by buying Note 8 over the pro version ??
    I had Ordered Note 8 pro on flash sale with great difficulty and cancelled the order on learning that it cant install Gcam..
    Was i right ??