Redmi Note 9 Pro Review | Xiaomi's Killer Budget Smartphone for 2020

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Reviewing Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro, one of the best budget phones launched so far in 2020, thanks to the dependable camera tech, powerful performance and excellent battery life. I’ve been testing this £250 smartphone as my personal handset so here’s my final verdict on the Redmi Note 9 Pro, if you’re tempted to grab one.

Like the Realme 6 Pro, this Xiaomi mobile sports impressive specs for a sub-£300 cost. You get a Snapdragon 720G platform for gaming with the likes of PubG Mobile and other Android titles, plus the usual gamer tools to lend a hand. Battery life is also sterling, thanks to the 5020mAh cell stuffed inside.

MiUI 12 should be coming to the Note 9 Pro soon, but for now you have to make do with a lack of apps tray, Always On Display etc. But the media chops are solid, serving up a 6.67-inch IPS screen with Full HD Plus resolution and headphone jack.

Last up, the camera tech makes this Redmi one of my favourite smartphones of 2020. This is one of the best handsets for photo and video capture at this budget price, producing very respectable results.

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  1. No app drawer?! It probably won't loop the home screens either. Does it have a headphone jack? Dark Mode? Able to remove that blasted search bar from the home screen?

  2. This may sound like a stupid question? but what is the reception like for the phone? does it work well in low signal areas?

  3. Love Techspert and Recombu, much appreciated man, great review, was gonna take the galaxy a52 but this phone just seems like the better option 😊👍

  4. Redmi note 9 pro is crap, can't connect bluetooth to my car and dont expect any support because there isn't any.

  5. Hi
    I have just bought a Note 9 pro, 6gb ram 128gb memory. Fantastic phone. Heavy though. Bought it for €189 in Lanzarote.
    The mi cloud was actually slow to download all photos from my old phone, but now done and I am using the phone a lot. Two days on the battery is amazing!! 💯 Recommended!!!

  6. I got one in late November last year. It's the 128gb model in tropical green. Cost me £200 on special from Amazon. It's served me well so far and it'll get me through 2 days on a single charge, sometimes 3 if I'm lucky.

  7. Finally someone that doesn't go straight to reviewing the camera. Lmao, I'd go with a phone that has no camera if I could, or at least one without a front facing camera, I rarely use the camera on any phone lol.

  8. Great phone. Using it 2 weeks now. Very smooth performance, nice cameras and some very good night shots from the main one. Overall a phone that should cost 200 more than the original price. I have the 128gb version. And the battery… oh that battery. I managed 3 days but the most common is two days. But don't mind. It charges really, really fast. If 5g is not something you need, you won't regret this one. The review is totally right in every aspect and with the MIUI 12 the looks and feel of the UI is slick and smooth.

  9. I’m guessing the phone has support for third party launchers like Nova that will fix the UI and app drawer problem, which would render it a complete non issue. Thanks for the review, will most likely pick this one up, upgrading from a Xiaomi Mix 2, which has served me amazingly well for two and half years now.

  10. I was just about to order this phone when I read about bloatware and the ads that come with them. I'm really weird with a few things on phones – I immediately disable google assistant on any new phone I get. I've done some research and I'm not confident removing bloatware with external programs on my computer – However, I'm also reading it's relatively simple to disable the ads within the settings so I can live with some apps I can't remove if that's the case – What do you think? I won't be able to suffer random ads coming up and the like. Otherwise, I'm looking at the Moto G9 Play for the battery and camera, but I've had the G6 for two years and thought it was a bit crap! Thanks for reading, hope you get time to reply 🙂

  11. A great review , Thank you. Just bought one of these for a great price of £180 in the Amazon sale. 6gb 128gb .. looking forward to unboxing it Monday. One question. How does dual sim work?

  12. The UK version does not even have China in the time region options. Never seen a phone exclude a continent before. I found it sluggish compared to P40 lite.

  13. Man, when your daughter got very close to that pond edge, I thought, "OMG she's going to fall in!" Great review, though, thank you! It's a pity you never mentioned thins like call quality and signal strength. Especially here is the U.K. it's generally crap anyway I know. But it would of been interesting to know that.

  14. Big draw is they embraced the over soften Samsung lenses instead of the natural looking Sony lenses…. May be for cost cutting….why Xiaomi why???🥴🤦