Remote Desktop Client on iPad iPhone Android vs hopTo Work – QuickBooks

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Watch this live recording that compares the Microsoft Remote Desktop client to the hopTo Work mobile remote desktop. This video highlights the user experience of QuickBooks on the Remote Desktop Client and hopTo Work.

hopTo Work is Remote Desktop Mobilized Transport & transform your existing Windows apps into touch friendly mobile apps- with NO coding required. You can instantly mobilize any Windows application and deliver a mobile, touch friendly experience for apps and document editing to any mobile device. Leverage the power of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Windows Remote Desktop or Citrix XenApp to transport your existing business applications to an iPad, iPhone or Android device, then transform those apps into touch friendly mobile apps with hopTo Work – the best mobile remote desktop client.

iPad, iPhone and Android are supported.

The best remote desktop client on iPad. The best remote desktop client on iPhone. The best remote desktop connection on Android.


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