Remove Passcode in iPhone X – Factory Reset / Restore iOS

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How to wipe all data in iPhone X? How to hard reset iPhone X? How to factory reset iPhone X? How to master reset iPhone X? How to restore iPhone X? How to format iPhone X? How to bypass passcode in iPhone X? How to remove screen lock in iPhone X? How to bypass screen lock in iPhone X? How to unlock iPhone X? How to bypass Face ID in iPhone X?

By using the DFU Mode you can accomplish the hard reset operation even with activated passcode and Face ID. Use the secret combination of keys and enter DFU Mode. Afterwards by using the iTunes you can factory reset your iPhone. So all personal data, customized settings and installed apps. Your iPhone X will also delete all passwords and you will be able to unlock your iPhone X. It will also fix the slow iOS and you will have the fresh start on your iPhone X.

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  1. your instructions are really complicated. its easier volumen up follow by a volume down then side key slide to turn off, pressing volume down and power bottom connect the to the itune when the itune mode shows done!

  2. yo what about an activation lock? i bought an iphone x online but the phone is pretty much an $940 brick. i can't do anything to it. help me plz

  3. How do you know of the activation lock will kick on? I bought this from some one online which now I can't get ahold of and I have heard horror stories of people doing as you have said above then it locks it. Any help advice tips tricks will be so greatly appreciated.