Retain Swipe to Unlock Effects WITH Lock Screen Security – Samsung Galaxy S4 [How-To]

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How to Keep Unlock Effects WITH Security Enabled (GS4)
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In this softModder tutorial, I’ll be showing you how you can keep Samsung’s light flare or ripple effect AND have a secure lock screen at the same time. With a stock Galaxy S4, you can only have either one or the other. But thanks to rovo89’s Xposed framework, and a module by XDA developer MohammadAG, we can have both!

For more information and download links, check out the full tutorial over on Samsung Galaxy S4 softModder using the link above.

How to Install Xposed:


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  1. Hopefully this is not spam, I tryed on my s4 a couple of times to intal reboot unintall, intall again, but it doesn't works for me it shows either the lock screen effect or the pattern.. I am running android 4.4.2 is this the problem? Please help..

  2. Is there a way to make this work with the stock galaxy s5 effects because right now, I have found two modules like this on exposed, and they both force me to have this ugly lock effect. Its a circle with a lock and looks worse and I'd rather have not have it. So I am wondering if this can work with the galaxy s5 effects with the fingerprint lock screen because right now it doesn't.

  3. Great work around! But the phone still has to actually lock though. For example, let's say I have it set to lock for 5 minutes, I put the phone to sleep, then wake it before 5 minutes. It will bypass the lockscreen -_-

  4. The notes in the Xposed repo say it was tested on the note 3, however I cannot seem to get ti working.. I have tried different orders..first enabling PIN lock then installing the module and vice-versa…But whenever I unlock my phone I only see the PIN keypad and no unlock "effect" as if the module took no effect even after rebooting. Yes, I have properly installed/configured the Xposed framework and the module as well as activated it, yet it still refuses to show the effect.. Please advise, this is a mod I have been looking forward to very much….