Review: Samsung T7 Touch portable external SSD with fingerprint sensor

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The T7 Touch portable SSD (Amazon: from Samsung makes for a great MacBook companion. It features faster speed than the Samsung T5, and comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor to help keep your file secure. Read the full review for more details:

Samsung T7 Touch (1TB) Black:
Samsung T7 Touch (1TB) Silver:
Samsung T7 Touch (500GB) Black:
Samsung T7 Touch (500GB) Silver:
Samsung T5:
Samsung X5:

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    THUMBS DOWN for not coming to the point….
    no specs or price mentioned.
    Maybe it was mentioned at the end but why watch a video till the end when so many useless and redundant info is given.
    CHAT LESS!!!
    Too much time wasted babbling about the useless fingerprint sensor.

  2. Can I use this "Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD" to install macOS Mojave to make my iMac faster? Or is this disk just for data like saving photos and more?

    My Imac is mid 2015 and the hard disk is very slow.

  3. Fingerprint sensor definitely is an extra touch of security, especially when you travel for work and need your work data with sensitive files to be secure. Certainly will look into purchasing this.

  4. Thank you for including the graph at the end! I'm looking to pick up an SSD for transferring 500GB at a time and have no need for the fingerprints security, so it looks like the T7 doesn't make sense for me. Difficult to justify the $700 price tag on the 2TB x5, the T5 is definitely the way to go for most people… but I think I'm going to go with the x5 for editing 6K raw files off of, but for quick initial backups I'll wait a little bit longer on transfers and go T5

  5. Wait….which is longer again? T5 or T7? Can you go through that one more time? Is that T5 longer or shorter? Wait…which one is thicker? T5 or T7…. Can we have a separate video on that as well? How much thicker? Is it the thickness of 1 or 2 Apple Card?

  6. I don’t own a MacBook…just a new iPad Pro. So, guessing this won’t work with the fingerprint encryption. Too bad Samsung won’t support with an app.
    Answer the questions, Jeff. For crying out loud.