Ripping Off 4 Pawn Shops Near Me | We Bought an Apple iPhone, Laptop, Zoom H4n Pro, & Beats Pill XL

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We use the word “Ripping off” very loosely. It’s not really ripping them off, they want sales, it helps them move inventory and make money. They want sales, we want to make money by selling stuff online so its a win/win. Usually they will work with you on the prices.
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  1. Ripping off? C'mon CP…how about got great deals at or Super Negotiated?
    Clickbait title aside, you did get some nice deals. Nice work!

  2. Great deals! I didn’t know about the beats recall, so that is knowledge gained! When I get out of WV and back to Georgia I will be back to going to pawn shops for deals. Great video!! Thanks for the short teaching lesson!

  3. Is there a certain model of Beats Pill speakers to look for for the recall? Do they all look the same, like that one, or are there others too? Thanks, Thompson

  4. How much is iPhone 6 64 gig and 6 16 gig worth they are my old phones and where would you sell them I also have a iPhone 4 lmk thanks love videos

  5. Don't forget that the date on the top left of cash America stickers is the date it came out of pawn or up for sale. The dates on the right are when the price will fall. I always look for items that have been sitting.

    Just found an iPad pro 10.5 256GB that was 199 and fell down to 120 range the other day.

  6. do you apply cost accounting- total actually cost- allocated business percentage of travel, hotel, etc. or maybe you just address these cost on your tax return. I think it's important for new sellers to determine the actual cost. also consider the time spent conducting the entire process- opportunity cost. actual net is key not gross less the purchase price.