Rules of Survival BEST Tips and Tricks!!

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“Rules of Survival BEST Tips and Tricks!! (Rules of Survival iOS Android PC Gameplay) iOS Tips No Hack No Mod Menu No APK – Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks”


Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another Rules of Survival video, and in this video I’m going to explain some tips and tricks on how to get BETTER at the game! I go through the beginning, mid-game, and end-game to show you all how to get from dying every two seconds at 100th place to consistently getting into the top ten in the shortest time possible! So sit back, relax, and I hope this helps!

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  1. I have to disagree on aggressiveness. I’m a very clam player who depends heavily on stealth and caution. I’ve won multiple solo games and carried squads this way as you remain undetected most of the game towards end game, where I go aggressively to end the final players.

  2. i always hide everywhere and only shoot, when i get attacked or when someone is near me. when the zone is really small, i camp somewhere inside the zoneuntil only a few are left

  3. Tips I know: 1. If the "gas"(thats what i call it) is so close at you, drink soda and if you're lucky enough to get a rubber chicken, use it
    2. (Only works in Duo or Squad) Turn your graphics to Power Saving if you're dead and spectating your friend
    3. If you see or hear an enemy coming, dont rush on them, find a place to camp, use a shotgun and if you see the enemy, immediatly kill him/her and take their loot
    4. Always find cover if you're in a heavy situation
    5. Do not expect the enemy to have Ultra Graphics
    6. If you're playing with a friend, always turn on the mic and speaker (upper right)

  4. What, this guy is crazy
    Tip1: at the beginning on the game you should stay away from ppl as much as possible until the late game to increase your chance of living

  5. I wouldn’t go to large towns like bitter lake and rust bay cause a lot of people are there and there are small buildings at other places with good loot and sometimes a car like the 4 buildings south of bitter lake across the river

    No I’m not a noob

  6. who says that this game is entirely different than pubg? lol whoever says that is completely retarded. it is clearly a copy. however, it is still an enjoyable game