Rules of Survival: iOS vs. Android vs. PC! (Best Graphics Comparison)

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Rules of Survival LAG FIX Tutorial (iOS, Android, PC)

Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with a very exciting Rules of Survival video. In this ROS Mobile gameplay, we are taking a look at max graphics for iOS, Android, and PC, and seeing which is best! We have all settings turned on to make it look the best for each device. iOS vs. Android & iOS vs. PC on Rules of Survival battle royale…which will reign supreme? Let’s find out!

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  1. sir,is it possible to play in PC with Mobile server…as I want to play in PC but my friend play in android(mobile) so I can't join their team…??

  2. ExxoticGaming how do I fix my graphics because my graphics like the helmet is not reflecting the sun light like how do I fix that
    Edit: my phone is an IPhone 5

  3. Hey exxotik from my personal opinion PC is the best device with best controls even though I have never played on a PC but I only own an android tablet with a poor processor and i dont have an iOS device so please post more videos with tips for android survivors
    Thanks in advance….

  4. I would really like te account, because i dont have that much weapons on my main and id love to actually get some kills!❤️Im on IOS btw!

  5. hi exxotik! i have something to tell you, a game called Paladins will be leaving beta on 8th of may, so after 5 days! and if u play the game before this day u will be a beta tester and u will get some limited rewards ingame, and they game overall is soo fun!! so let me tell you about the game: its an first person shooting game, champions based with 2 teams of 5 players fighting for the objective (and there is other mods like team deatdmatch) and the game is free on steam 😀 and u really should waste ur time GO AND PLAY IT PLEASE!! oh wait did i mention the developers of this game made a battle royal game? yes they did its still on alpha but it is playble, so i recommend u play paladins for a few time, then try Real Royale, which is their battle royal game