S21 Ultra Camera VS. iPhone 12 Pro VS. Pixel 5!

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Did Samsung fix the focus issues? How is the video quality from The S21 Ultra and which smartphone camera takes the best overall shots?

Some audio From Epidemic Sound

LUKE! thank you for absolutely crushing a ton of the animations for this video – appreciate you always!

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  1. Great video. The fact that you analyze every shot and point out the differences, no matter how subtle they are. I have no idea how long it takes to create a video like this…so thank you for the review and taking the time to share!!

  2. Really hard working because every shot explained and awesome comparison but you are Speaking So fast . I am native of punjabi and i could not understand fast English language .who has not native speaker of English they could not understand fast English language Plz try to Speak Slowly. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💯💯

  3. As always, living outside North America you can basically skip the camera comparisons. Different image processors, different image. Sadly Exynos loses again in this part. Check out Mrwhosetheboss comparison for all the details.

    Nice comparison for all the North Americans though 👍

  4. I said the same in nicks (phandroid) video, I'm a proud Pixel 5 owner and it's great to see it perform admirably against phones that cost almost double. Nice comparison 😎👍

  5. Love your videos, they're really practical and detailed like a review should be, It's sad that Google did not release pixel 5 in India. I hope Google upgrades its camera sensors in their next release. I have skipped pixel 4a, will upgrade to next pixel from my 3a. Great review as always. Cheers!

  6. Woman who talks about contrast difference while the photo on pixel 5 clearly shows in bad lightning conditions pixel 5 doesn't do well… nope, she doesn't know what she talking about.
    Always trying to go for the underdog bullshit.
    Shit channel