Samsung A50 vs Huawei P30 Lite vs Redmi Note 7 CAMERA TEST COMPARISON

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Here’s the Camera Test and Comparison between Samsung A50, Huawei P30 Lite and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
This video contains sample photos and videos taken from the rear and front camera of these devices. Sample includes AI Enhanced Shots, Portrait Bokeh, Macro Shot, Low Light, Daylight and Slow Motion and Time-Lapse.

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  1. Samsung A50
    : Produces natural colors more like S8 plus with natural skin tone.
    Best In: Selfie Camera / Color Accuracy

    Huawei P30 Lite
    : Oversaturated outputs / sometimes color loss with reddish skin tone. Best In Slow Motion / Contrast

    Redmi Note 7
    : Detailed especially in the lowlight bright at night, good exposure but sometimes pale or yellowish color in selfie.
    Best In Night Mode / Details

  2. El problema y error del Redmi Note 7 es haber elegido para su cámara frontal de selfie omnivision, un sensor de una marca muy mediocre todavía para smartphone..

  3. Son 3 telefonos muy parejos cada uno es bueno en detalles distintos y en escenas distintas. De las 3 marcas me gusta Huawei, luego Xiaomi. Samsung es mas de lo mismo!! Huawei deberia mejorar un poco con el enfoque de la cámara y nitidez, creo que toda la gama media de Huawei tiene problemas con el enfoque y la nitidez detalles técnicos que Xiaomi con mucho menos experiencia resuelve mejor que Huawei. Si Huawei mejoraría en aspecto de nitidez y enfoque serian los mejores!!!!

  4. recently lost my Honor 8x, couldnt decide between A50 or the P30 LITE….. this really helped… A50 it is 🙂 thank you, now subscribed 🙂

  5. Some people make me laugh has fault in their mentality . Say that doesn't buy Chinese phones .did you listen ones huwaei phones have problems!! Sure no I had experience with huwaei its super👌👌 so I highly recommended