Samsung Bixby on the Galaxy Watch : Really just S-Voice with a new name

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Samsung Bixby voice assistant is on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch but is it any good? I’ll compare Bixby to the S-voice of yesterday and do a few tests to see if it actually has improved.
Do you use voice dictation and voice assistants on your weable devices?

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  1. Bixby is completely and utterly useless so is the battery had it two days first day I used it the most it lasted 16 hours …second day 9 hours And hardly touched it ….46mm lte

  2. Bixby is so fucking bad on the new Galaxy watches. I have the 46mm lte version and damn they really need to update bixby and make it good. Right now it's garbage. Also the scribble to write is bad too

  3. I have tried to use bixby to call or message my contact on the galaxy watch, however all I get is contacts syncing message. Could you please advise me on that?

  4. Bixby and S Voice control your watch unlike Google.
    I use S Voice everyday. You don't get the difference.
    Try setting your alarm with Google. S Voice will as well Bixby.

  5. I know it sounds stupid and I am ready to be criticized, but I'm still switching to the galaxy from the s3. It looks better, faster and has a better battery life. I know Samsung pay isnt as good, but I love how more masculine it looks and how much lighter the watch feels. Plus the resolution and layout looks a lot cleaner, but that's just me

  6. I was considering getting the Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch but after seeing your video I may not. Navigation is super important to me and if I'm not able to get Bixby to give me driving directions, it may be a waste of money. Now if I could use Google Assistant to navigate on the Galaxy Watch and the Note 9, I would get both. I currently use an iPhone X and an Apple Watch and they work flawlessly for navigation. I don't have Car Play and the iPhone and Watch still work great together for navigation. I really wish that Samsung wouldn't force you to use Bixby. In my opinion, Samsung released Bixby way before it was fully baked. How could they not know this? Apple has become stagnant and you don't get any value for your $1000. It's only going to get worse. Apple will continue to make subpar products and they WILL continue to hypnotize and shear the hell out of their sheep….which is why I'm bailing out. Great video and you definitely have a new sub from me. Keep up the great work.

  7. I'm so disappointed. I have the s3 frontier. I was looking forward to getting the galaxy watch but it's pointless. I don't see any reason to actually get it it's all the same. And I always swim with my s3 and nothing happened to it btw

  8. Check the quick start guide that comes with the watch. Bixby functionality limited at release. Let's wait and see what full functionality is like…..