Samsung DeX Station: Unboxing, Setup & Tutorial for Galaxy S8/S8+

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Get your DeX Station:

DeX Station:
The Samsung DeX Station allows for you to convert your phone Galaxy S8, S8+ or Note 8 into a full desktop machine. The DeX Station makes this process very easy. Plug your phone in and you are ready to play. This video is a in depth User Guide of most of the functions of DeX. If you would like a full detailed guide about the DeX please let me know in the comments below.


Today I show you:
What is in the box: 0:34
How to setup: 1:09
Navigating the Desktop: 2:01
Notification Bar: 3:15
Using Applications (Gallery) 4:17
Send a text message: 6:00
Making a phone call: 6:35
Changing DeX Settings & Wallpaper: 7:47
Using a Web Browser (Chrome) 9:17
Recent Apps 10:23
Use the phone as a mouse: 10:35
Screen Mirroring Mode: 11:25

Most cases will not work with the DeX Station. For Bluetooth mouse and keyboard pair directly to your Galaxy S8.

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  1. If I want a B&W Multifunction printer (3 in 1, print,scan,copy) machine to this setup, what printer should I choose ?
    Is it possible to use print, scan and copy with this setup ?
    Are there apps that can do this with the multifunction printer ?

  2. will the mouse and keyboard and ethernet ports will work while you are only with screen mirroring?
    i am thinking using the sentio app which is better than dex UI

  3. just ordered for $100 from amazon! wondering if it will work with hulu app and a live video streaming local news website (ktla in los angeles) using chrome or the optimized samsung browser? fingers crossed 🙂 just hoping i wont have to return it! another question, will it provide enough power for an external hard drive and not use a usb stick? i have a 4gb western digital passport drive i wud luv to connect.

  4. Hi Brett,
    How did you make the S8 work as a touchscreen in Dex mode? I can't make it work and I didn't see any other review mentioning this feature…

  5. I tried using the Dex with a 24 inch touchscreen monitor from Acer and it works. Just use the USB connector from the dex and plug it in the screen and you've a huge touchscreen to use 🙂

  6. Just received DeX ( free with new Note 8). Trying to connect to MSPro via HDMI to Mini display adaptor but phone or MSPro3 not sensing a connection. what have I forgotten to do ?