Samsung Fascinate overview — with Motorola Droid X

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Quick overview of the new Samsung Fascinate coming from Verizon Wireless on Thursday, Sept. 9. Side-by-side with the Droid X for comparison.
If you have any questions, ask in the Comments.
Filmed on the original, “ancient” Motorola Droid.


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  1. @kpatt2006 Don't know if you've made your decision yet but I have really been trying to decide which I would buy if I had to have only one. I decided on the X, with a VERY close second (it's really a toss-up) to the Fascinate. Would not choose the Incredible mostly because I like the bigger real estate of a 4.0+in. screen. If I had to have a 3.7in. it would be the Droid 2 for the keyboard (and having used the first Droid, it has a special place in my heart.)
    The Fascinate wins hands down for

  2. screen and graphics. But the X, for me, wins everything else. For example, more included memory for storage and RAM, slightly better camera, better overall build quality (meaning the case of the phone, where the X should withstand a fall much better than the Samsung, and I do not use a cover as I keep the phone in my pocket.) And the bigger screen.

  3. @bparkman See my reply to kpatt2006. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other specific questions or if you already took the plunge and bought one.

  4. @davidlm6974 I agree with the choice of the X, but when I have the X next to the Fascinate and open the same app (i.e. NFL Mobile) the Fascinate's screen/color/graphics put the X's to shame. The X looks really washed out, but you wouldn't know unless you had them side-by-side.

  5. @304mdr I knew I ran the risk of other questions when I opened the video with the Droid commercial. Already talked about my Vizio TVand now the PS3. 🙂
    Well, I'm sure I'll get Black Ops, though probably not at launch, unless I find a great deal… still playing Read Dead and mostly loving it (except for all the da** horse riding all over!) 😉 WBU?

  6. @drummingtrumpeteer69 id think theyd both b the same customization wise but on either phone id get rid of the factory launhers and get launcherpro for free off the market

  7. @verizonandroid yes it does have 512 gb of ram. Some hidden processes run on the ram that is not shown(it is dedicated just for those processes).