Samsung Galaxy A50 Review – Cheap Smartphones Are Getting GOOD

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The Samsung Galaxy A50 might be one of the best budget smartphone launched in 2019. In this review we go beyond an unboxing to run everything from a camera test to battery life and answer one major question: in the A50 vs S10 comparison, what are you really giving up by going the cheap route?

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  1. Love my a50. But I wish the camera was better. I don't know about y'all but I still get sticker shock at $200. Ain't no way I would pay a $1000 for a phone. That feed me and my husband for almost 6 months. LOL

  2. Good video shoot while walking though! For 270 dollars / euros I will buy it. Certainly as I found out about the battery drain issue of my moms s8 galaxy. And now: even the s10 has only moderate battery life. And so far , with the galaxy s series, the big update one year after I had bought it, about 400 mb's , changes much of my s phones. I have owned a s4 galaxy, and a s plus galaxy: all the same issue. And it is difficult to get rid of it: read xda developers. May be Samsung is making up for all this with dissapointed / loyal customers by selling this phone now for a modest price?

  3. I think people are expecting way too much of phones these days and they are paying way too much for shit they ll never use or notice the difference between an expensive and a cheaper phone

  4. I want the a70 but the A50 will have to do because Verizon prepaid does not offer the 50. But I need to know if the volume is loud enough I'm so tired of low-volume phones

  5. i recently bought one of these for roughly the equivalent of $170 and oh my lord, one of the best phones I've every used. I had an s6 edge before this and returning to a screen with no curve is magnificent.

  6. For me the A50 is the perfect phone, I need a good battery and nice display because i use a lot of social media and netflix and youtube and this phone gives me all that. For the price i think is a very good device.

  7. Affordable phones have always been good you just have to shop around as they aren't marketed out the yazoo. There's never been a time when someone needed to pay $1,000ish to get a quality phone that's just how people were and most are still programmed to think.

  8. need to make calls and listen audible books from this phone if I purchase….will the mono speaker be a deal breaker ?
    Currently have an S5 with poor audio when talking on phone and not enough volume. Any suggestions?

  9. Not getting the latest updates fast is great. Every time my phones update they get slower. I use the EXACT same apps as from the start, chrome, youtube, gmail, skype, and whatsapp. Thats pretty much all I use and the phones gets slower and slower.