Samsung Galaxy A50 vs iPhone 7 Plus

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Who wins?


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  1. A50 !
    iPhone 7 that have a price around 450-550$ have a IPS 5.5 (no bazeless) with 400ppi, 3GB on RAM with low frequency speed, 12Mp+12mp with 1.8f and a Quad-Core 2.2Ghz CPU …
    Samsung A50 than have a price around 250-290$ have a SuperAmoled Infinity U 6.4'', 4GB with fast frequency speed, UFS fast storage memory 128GB (+SD) , 25mp+5mp+8mp / 1.7f + 2.2f + 2.2f and Octacore Cpu 2.3Ghz (x4c) 1.7ghz (x4c)

    With Apple product, you pay only the software… expensive software.
    Only faggots buy iPhone