Samsung Galaxy A51: 1 Month Later!

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For $399 there has to be compromises right? A downfall? Or is the A51 the perfect phone? One month later I have all the answers you want:)

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My name is Jacklyn Dallas, aka NothingButTech, and I make videos about technology. You can expect videos about anything technology – from a first look at a new bleeding edge piece of tech to a video documenting my experience with a new phone so you can make an educated purchase. I also strive to make each video entertaining with high quality production value and humor here and there:). Let me know how you think I’m doing?:) Thank you for watching this one!


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Jacklyn Dallas aka NothingButTech


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  1. I just love your videos. Will you suggest me which phone I can buy between Samsung A51, Realme 6 pro, Xiomi note 9 pro max and Poco X2(Redmi K30 chinise version)?

  2. I think it'll be a nice option for me. I'm not always using my phone but the good features in this one really got me.
    Also, you reminded me of Lily Aldrin from HIMYM 🥰
    Great video!!

  3. Can u do this camera comparison between samsung A51 VS pixel 3a xl or pixel 4 or pixel 4a which mobile might have now VS iphone 11 or pro
    (A51 VS PIXEL MOBILE VS IPHONE 11 OR PRO ) do the camera comparision
    When u do this comparison

  4. Are you for real, I just wanted to see a phone review I couldn't care less about your political leaning. So basically you support a racist Marxist terrorist organisation in BLM. Get a grip seriously, your out of your element and brainwashed by the extreme leftist media. Do you even know what Marxism is? I appreciate that was a horrible thing that happened to floyd but it wasn't a race issue in any way shape or form, the media turned it into that. The guy himself was a violent career criminal and a crackhead ffs. Thumbs down from me, I had to turn your review off as soon as you mentioned BLM, stick to phone reviews lady!

  5. Intro is 🔥🔥!
    Came here after watching and deciding onnthe A20 based off your review. Now I'm thinking the A51 is a better choice because of the camera.

    Decisions, decisions!