Samsung Galaxy A51 Review 2 Weeks Later: Watch Before You Buy!

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  1. I ordered one due it being on sale for $300 the the 6gb ram 128gb storage. I'm planning on just using it to stream my games to it via moonlight and a Razer kishi controller. 😅

  2. To anyone who is planning to buy this phone I have some things to say,
    First of all, if your planning on wearing a glass screen protector,
    The fingerprint censor will be crap, vynil and plastic should be fine.
    This phone is pretty good for gaming but if its a big game like minecraft it will lag a lot.
    Also this phone can be VERY slow at times, I literally have to restart the phone like everyday. So yeah those are my biggest problems other than that you should be good.
    If you have any questions, ask me.

  3. Look….if you want a good Camera….BUY A DEDICATED CAMERA!!!!!…."NOT" A PHONE…Btw…in Australia the A51 is $600.00 unlocked and a top end phone is $1100.00…so its not cheap…a cheap phone here is $200.00

  4. Got this phone yesterday wish I never doesn't even have a music app don't use spotify etc cause ads and if have no signal can't use it just want music on my phone like I had on iphone

  5. If you’re in the UK, check out AO mobilephonesdirect. They currently offer the A51 on O2, 24 month contract for £35 a month. Comes with 90gb data, unlim sms, unlim mins, free AKG Y500 headphones and a free Nintendo Switch.